A new eco-friendly business is about to open in Mount Forest.

The Eco Den is Natalie Overholt’s passion project. The store, opening on Nov. 1, offers a range of chemical-free products including cleaning, personal care, baby care and body care. Organic skin care products as well as eco-friendly and zero-waste products will also be available.

Natalie is planning to go one step further and also offer refill stations in the future for items like shampoo, conditioner, soap and, eventually, cleaning products.

Located at 149 Main Street in Mount Forest, Natalie said the store is quite large so she is also offering a consignment section to include space for local artists to share their wares. The section will initially include wine racks, paintings, cards, signs and more.

Natalie is a registered nurse and is currently studying to be a registered nutritionist. Using her knowledge she has also included a supplement section in The Eco Den.

The grand opening will take place on Nov. 1 during regular store hours from 11am to 7pm. She plans on offering raffles for gift baskets as well as snacks for those who visit the store.

For more information check out “The Eco Den” on Facebook and Instagram.

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Look out Wellington North, the Hawks are coming for you.

That’s right … the Dragon’s Den-inspired Hawks’ Nest competition is happening for the third time.

Entrepreneurs from Grey, Bruce, Owen Sound, Wellington North and Minto will have the opportunity to compete in a business plan pitching competition for at least a $30,000 investment in their company from local investors – “the Hawks.”

I’ve spoken to two different groups of entrepreneurs who have been on CBC’s Dragon’s Den and they both have said how important it is to know your product inside and out and have a pitch prepared.

The Hawks’ Nest competition takes things a little further and offers entrepreneurs assistance with preparing their business plans before the competition. These workshops will continue until Nov. 7. Not only will this help the entrepreneurs with their pitch for the competition, but it will also help them if they’re applying for further grants and just generally to get a better grasp on the direction of their business.

The live show competition will be held at the Roxy Theatre in Owen Sound in June.

This type of economic development will encourage entrepreneurs to put time and effort into their products as well as give them the drive to make more opportunities for themselves.

For more information visit

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Neob Lavender is on the move, but it hasn’t gone far. The Elora lavender shop has moved to the corner of Mill Street and Metcalfe Street in the former Serenity Café unit. The shop moved from its location further up the hill on  Metcalfe Street.

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