Earth Day Canada seeks environmental Hometown Heroes

Earth Day Canada has launched its search for the 2008 Hometown Heroes award winner.
The award recognizes and encourages personal environ­mental achievement at the local level. This year’s winner will receive a cash-prize of $10,000 – $5,000 to keep and $5,000 to donate to the environmental cause of his choice.
Some people are involved in the community garden move­ment; others in the pro­tection of natural spaces; still others have started their own environmental network or organization.
The environ­men­tal issue is up to the individual.
The Hometown Heroes award is looking for the environ­mental leaders who have shown commitment and achiev­ed results. This year’s winner will be recognized as part of the fifth annual Earth Day Canada gala in Toronto, on June 18. 
For more information, or to nominate yourself, an indi­vidual or group from your community, visit­ The dead­line for applications is April 22.