Dont wait if you can help

The chores were pretty much done and everyone had settled in for the night.  There was one last trip to the shop for some kindling.

As we looked back at the house, admiring Christmas lights put up earlier in the day at the insistence of the ladies in our home, we noticed something was missing. The dogs, affectionately called “the boys,” hadn’t made it back from the barn yet. One whistle and a shout, and King, our new black Lab pup closing in on four months old, bounded across the yard. Lucky, our old lad who lost his sight several Christmas’s ago, was nowhere to be seen. We called again to no avail, when a barely audible whimper echoed across the yard. He must have got turned around in the barn and couldn’t find the door to get out.

King took off without hesitation. His long black legs, bouncing ears and sleek tail roared across the wintry landscape like a race horse in full flight.

Although the night was dark we could make out the black pup against the white snow, as he poked and snooped outside the barn trying to track down the whimper for help. Quickly he high-tailed it around to the north side of the barn, where one of the doors was perched half open, caught up on the snow.

In seconds his buddy got his bearings back and they both raced back to my side. It was quite a show.

We actually got a little choked up watching this performance. First we remembered when Alexis and Brooke were younger and hatched the big idea of getting Lucky a seeing-eye dog. He has functioned incredibly well, but he is showing his age more and more and in times like this, a pal is what he needed. Further to that, this rush to help when a friend was lost and in trouble was so kind – so naturally good.

Like most pups, there isn’t much that King doesn’t chew. Poor old Lucky has taken the brunt of it. Play fighting is an all-day sport until the older dog decides he has had enough. Deep down, the staid nature of Lucky is something we hope rubs off, for he is one of the gentlest creatures we have known. The two boys have turned into good buddies and what was most striking that cold December night was a little lesson we can all use.

People need comfort from time to time too.

In the many challenges we all face, from health concerns to family issues to financial troubles or work woes, a hand of grace now and then sure makes a difference. The strength of others pitching in often softens a load that can really be quite unbearable.

Typically we share a Christmas wish each year and we hope this season finds people able and ready to rush in when needed. Far too often during the year it is easy to get lost in the busy-ness of our own lives when right before us, someone needs a lift. It’s as easy to wait and hope someone else steps up, but really we can all do better.

Selfless aid of others is the hallmark of goodness and something we should strive for year round. And like King did for old Lucky, we hope that aid is swift and generous, without hesitation.

On behalf of our Publisher and staff, we wish all readers a Merry Christmas and comfort in the days ahead.