Done did it

Yes sir, madam, and mesdemoiselles, his and hers and guys and dolls, with, perhaps, long overdue apologies to my teacher of English, who taught eight grades in the one-roomed country school.

I have done gone went and done did it! I have done gone out and purchased for me one of those new-fangled apparatuses called a cell phone.

Modern technology has always baffled me somewhat. But I have just mastered the art of manipulating a laptop computer, which lacks the mighty mouse of the desktop, and I am getting exceedingly more tired of trying to recall those who have called, which is little more than a game of leapfrog, as they are seldom home when I try.

My phone, though I do have the mobile extension, is usually in my room and is not viable out where I am dithering or dickering around. So wanting to brag a little, I decided to try, with I hope considerable luck, a cell phone. So off I went and bummed a ride to one of Bell’s offices. None were close, but a vehicle was heading to Orangeville, so therefore I went.

After a few moments of chatting with the charming young lady behind the counter, I told her I could not afford an arm and a leg, which I accented by using my homemade cane and with forward slumped shoulders for slight exaggeration, limped over to the fancy decorated basket of multi-mixed Halloween candy that set on an island table.

As she mentioned the different features, while I made a couple of extra trips limping to the candy basket, slipping one into my mouth and a couple into my pocket for the trip back home, I was quite surprised what she recommended. She suggested that I take just the minimum: “It is more than you’ll need, but it is the same as I have.” After showing my photo ID and relinquishing my SIN number, she faithfully assured me that I could transfer my same telephone number that I have had for years. She went on to say that I could phone anywhere from anyplace but further suggested that I stick to Canada as I would have 100 minutes monthly plus free weekend calling  included in the price.

It has many little hidden features that I will find handy, such as date and time, and the ability to text, which I will not use, and can take spur of the moment pictures, which I certainly will try to master. And surprise, surprise, listen closely, holler whoopee if you should so want to – it cost several bucks less per month than my land line.

As it was late Friday afternoon on the night of Halloween, she assured me that it would be initiated early on Monday morning. As I left while snitching another handful of candies, she added, “When your home phone goes dead, this one will be activated.” I thanked her kindly and assured her that if it didn’t, I’d be back to snitch some more candies.

Needless to say, it worked, and it is saving me a lot of time, headaches, a couple of bucks and untold frustration.

Take care, ‘cause we care.



Barrie Hopkins