Do something good

There are many people who would like to contribute their time to a worthy cause. The question becomes where and how.

 While laying out the paper this week there appeared to be several opportunities that would suit different tastes. Family and Children Services, St. Joseph’s Health Centre, and Hospice Wellington are looking for board members.

The rewards for those positions are not financially handsome, but there is a tremendous amount of satisfaction to be had by engaging in work that can be interesting and rewarding. Unlike the elected arena, there is little pressure from the media or taxpayers demanding explanations. Sitting as a board or committee member is a great chance to have an effect on issues and make suggestions that could well be implemented.

Check page 35 this week and watch our notices section regularly for chances to serve your community in a meaningful way. A few hours each month can make a difference.

We also encourage you to see this week’s centre spread dedicated to the volunteer efforts at Groves Memorial Community Hospital since 1933.