District 10 results

Below are the most recent District 10 / 4 results received by the Wellington Advertiser office as submitted by Teresa Duck.  Please note that a legend describing school acronyms is appended at the bottom.


* Results from Wed Feb 25


 Championship Final: Open Girls  Ice Hockey: BMAC 0 CCVI 3

Note: Centennial — Goals: Morgan McHaffie, Britt McHaffie, Jill Squires.  Assists: Jill Squires, Julianne Bagg.  Shutout: Lauren Tashiro


* Results from Fri Feb 27


Championship Final: Senior Boys  Ice Hockey: OLOL 8 CDDHS 3

Note: OLOL: #3 Nick Head-Peterson G,2A, #17Cody O’Neill 2A, #89 Markus Venturato G,A, #79 Jesse White G #67 Brandon Anselmini G, #2 Mitch Haennel G, #93 Luke Reinhart G, 91 Tyson Keenan G,A, #92 Colin Mooney A, #14 Richard Burton A

CDDHS: #99 Josh Sguigna 3G, #12 Nik Gazo A, #11 Neil Kwast A, #19 Jake Weidner 2A, #9 Jesse Jamieson 2A

School Name Legend:

BMAC – Bishop MacDonell (Guelph)

CDDHS – Centre Dufferin DHS (Shelburne)

CCVI – Centennial Collegiate VI (Guelph)

CHSS – College Heights SS (Guelph)

CWDHS – Centre Wellington HS (Fergus)

EDHS – Erin District HS (Erin)

GCVI – Guelph Collegiate VI (Guelph)

NDSS – Norwell District SS (Palmerston)

ODSS – Orangeville District SS (Orangeville)

OLOL – Our Lady of Lourdes (Guelph)

Ross – John F. Ross (Guelph)

StJames – St. James HS (Guelph)

WCHS – Woodland Christian HS (Breslau)

WHSS – Wellington Heights SS (Mt. Forest)

WSS – Westside SS (Orangeville)