Distracted driving woes

The Countering Distracted Driving and Promoting Green Transportation Act 2009 became law in October that year – but too many people ignore it.

Cloes said it prohibits the use of devices while the vehicle is in motion, with the following exceptions: hand held communication device with a hands-free system only; vehicle gauges and vehicle information systems; collision avoidance systems; and transportation tracking systems.

Cloes said distracted driving is a threat to safety and was added to the OPP’s Highway Safety enforcement priorities, which include aggressive driving, impaired driving, speeding and seatbelt use.

To date in 2012, the West Region OPP has attended 22 fatal crashes with 35 people killed.

He said most drivers agree distracted driving is dangerous, but the OPP distracted driving campaign shows drivers continue to use cell phones when driving.   

Inspector Scott Smith said, “Driving while distracted is poor judgement and an unacceptable threat to public and driver safety. Our County of Wellington OPP officers will continue this highway safety enforcement in an effort to make our roadways the safest in the province. If you have to take that call, please pull over and stop.”

Cloes added the county OPP is requesting anyone with information that may assist police in the campaign to call 1-888-310-1122.