Development charges stalled

A decision on new development charges for the Township of Wellington North is currently stalled as council awaits further information.

When asked about the pro­gress on the issue, Mayor Mike Broomhead said the new bylaw needs to be in place before July 1. The issue was brought up earlier this year and a public meeting held to discuss the C.N. Watson report on proposed charges.

Originally the idea was to implement the new charges in May. Now, that has been bumped to September.

Broomhead said anyone taking out a permit before then would have the old fees applied and have a six-month period in which to get the work done at the old rate.

He contended one of the main hold-ups is all five councillors have differing ideas as to what the fees should be and how it should be implemented.

However, he considered discussions as getting close to a decision.

“There are no easy answers or perfect solutions.”

Broomhead stressed that council’s decision not only affects development charges, but water and sewer rates and general taxes.

He explained the development charges are based on things that must be done, so the money to accomplish those projects will need to be raised – somehow. He hoped something would be at council within a month to be passed.

“Everyone on council is taking this seriously,” Broom­head said. “We are taking the time to ensure this is … fair.”

At the same time, he doubted any decision would please everyone.

“I don’t think they’ll be holding a parade for us on this one,” Broomhead said.