Detailing done right: make your car sparkle this spring

FERGUS – Having a car is almost a necessity for most people in today’s world, and not unlike clothing, a vehicle’s appearance is often a reflection of how their owners express themselves.

Ryan Greene, owner and detailer at Greener’s Detailing Auto Care, has been dedicated to revitalizing his client’s rides since starting the business in April of 2021. 

Greene spends anywhere from an hour and a half to upwards of 12 hours detailing vehicles depending on the job. His long-term goal is to be geared towards classic cars, but he currently takes on everything from tractors to ATVs, boats and trailers, cars and trucks – and even RVs on occasion. 

“Just keeping their general value is one main reason to keep vehicles clean,” Greene said, taking a few minutes away from polishing a car in the shop. 

“It’s always good to get all the junk and gunk out of the vehicle regularly so it feels cleaner inside.”

While it’s true that a good wash will get your car looking good, a thorough detailing can nearly restore a vehicle to the way it was when first driven off the lot. Greene is an expert detailer, offering a wide variety of services beyond basic wash and waxes. 

“We provide detailing services, interior packages, ceramic coatings, paint corrections – buffing with very fine polishes – pretty much anything that has to do with revitalizing cars,” Greene said. 

Greener’s Detailing Auto Care has become the go-to destination for car enthusiasts in Centre Wellington and for those who simply want to keep their vehicles looking brand new. 

“It all depends on a person’s preference,” Greene noted when asked how frequently to have a vehicle detailed.

“It depends on what level you want to keep it, but I’d suggest a minimum of once a year, with a couple maintenance washes before and after winter, is always a good idea.”

Paint corrections are generally what takes up the most time as Greene painstakingly goes over the entire surface of a vehicle, doing small touch ups with paint pens and polishers, sanding and blending to the point where scratches and imperfections virtually disappear. 

“When I do a full paint correction, that’s usually seven, eight hours of just polishing a car – I’m doing one square foot at a time and making sure I’m bringing the paint back to as close to perfect as I can get without actually repainting it.”

Greene aims to provide a comprehensive range of detailing services that cater to a variety of customers with varying budgets and will be offering first-time customers 10% off his services from April to the end of May. 

The shop’s name is a play on Greene’s last name, but he’s also focused on being as environmentally conscious as possible. Reducing waste is always top of mind. 

“I try to do things like re-using my rags multiple times – I think it’s been a year and a half since I threw a rag out. They just kind of go down the line… I’ll use them to take polish off cars and eventually they end up being used to wipe up the floors.”

Although convenient, Greene doesn’t recommend touchless car washes, as they “tend to use soap that has an extremely high pH which can strip away waxes, sealants, and ceramic coatings.” 

“They will not give you the protection they advertise,” he said. 

“Those things that spin around in a carwash constantly pick up dirt and carry it from one vehicle to the next. 

“I use a two-bucket method when washing a vehicle. Once the mitt comes off the paint, it is rinsed in a second bucket so none of the dirt is being transferred back onto the vehicle.”

Greene began detailing cars in his early 20’s and after opening his business, joined the Centre Wellington chamber of commerce. He has recently been nominated for customer service and entrepreneur of the year.

To book an appointment, or for more information, visit or call the shop at (519) 837-5940

Advertorial Writer