Dentistry help for kids is now being expanded

An expansion of the Child­ren in Need of Treatment (CINOT) program means more children in Wellington and Duf­ferin Counties will be able to get free urgent dental care.

The CINOT program pro­vid­es services and treatment for children whose parents or care­givers have no dental coverage and cannot afford the cost of urgent dental care. Now, eligi­ble youth aged 17 and under can take advantage of the pro­gram. Previously, services were available only to children to age 13.

“The expansion of the CINOT program addresses an important need in our com­munity,” said Dr. Robert Haw­k­ins, dental health program manager at WDG Public Health. “Aside from the pain they may experience, youth in need of dental care but unable to afford the cost of treatment are often self conscious about their teeth – and these are permanent adult teeth. The CINOT program provides the care these kids need to improve their dental health and improve their self-esteem.”

Urgent dental care includes tooth or mouth pain, infection, large cavities, bleeding gums, and mouth injuries. The CINOT program can provide fillings, x-rays, teeth removal, and some root canal treatments.

For more information about the CINOT program and other dental services, call WDG Pub­lic Health at 1-800-265-7293 or visit