Dear 2019

WriteOut of Her Mind by Kelly Waterhouse

Dear 2019,

I realize you aren’t a person, more like a metaphysical concept, so let’s not get caught up in the semantics of our new found relationship and just focus on getting this party started, because I am ready for a stellar year. And by stellar I mean spectacular, prosperous and full of amazing, happy moments.

I’ve waited all year for you. That’s not an exaggeration. Three hundred and sixty-five days, to be exact. What can I say? I knew 2018 wasn’t my time straight out of the gate. The odds were not in my favour. Too much drama. Not enough karma. But you, 2019, you’re all mine. Buckle up. It’s about to get interesting.

You’re expected to arrive right on time and when you do, I have a plan to usher you in with an open heart – and chip dip, of course (because I’m not an amateur. I’m a seasoned professional). Let’s cherish the moment together. I’m going to close my eyes and open my heart and make a secret wish for the year ahead (we’ll keep that wish between us, okay?). I will make a promise to myself that whatever you bring my way this year, I will be resilient, brave and confident. I will handle it all with humour and grace and, yes, of course, chip dip.

Side bar: I will most likely have the humour but lack the grace, which may mean I will occasionally need to subdue my wicked tendencies with more calories than one should absorb. Play along. We’ll get along much better if you just let me find my own balance, and we’re not talking scales here.

Speaking of balance, I just know you will be kind, 2019. I know you’re going to smooth some of the ups and downs that have made the last few years an emotional roller coaster for many people I love. I am confident you’ll let us coast on an even keel into the future.

I’m feeling super optimistic about what lies ahead. You should know that this statement alone is not only miraculous, but temporary. I’m only positive in small bursts of time. Some would call me pessimistic. Others cynical. Most just call me Kelly and accept that I am who I am. Those people I call friends. I cherish them. So, 2019, I plan to make a great effort to spend more time with these people. I am ever aware of who my tribe is and how much they matter to me.

Like many of my friends, I’m ready to close the door on 2018. Don’t slam it, though. There were some lessons in there that needed learning. There were events that we will be grateful to never relive, and others that made us grateful to be alive. But let’s not let yesterday consume today. Even chip dip has an expiry date. And we both know that chip dip is awesome. How about we agree to firmly close the door behind us, lock the deadbolt and walk away? No looking back. No dwelling. No obsessing. Over is over. Moving on is the key to a good life. That’s a fact. 2018 taught me a lot.

That’s right, 2019 is my year, my way.

Here’s to secret wishes, even keels and the kind of friends who will be by our sides, whatever the journey brings.

WriteOut of Her Mind