Current location might be the best spot for new fire hall

It now seems the current location of the Hills­burgh fire hall could be the best spot for a replacement building after all.

After months of reports and fire department recommendations that a new hall be built north of the village on the west side of Trafalgar Road, councillor John Brennan explained last week that the current Station 50 site on Station?Street is still a possibility.

Councillors acknowledged that location will require negotiations with adjacent landowners and also some study of nearby flood plain lines, but Brennan said it is “the best” location for the hall and would also save upwards of $250,000 that would be required to purchase land for the Trafalgar Road location.

 Mayor Rod Finnie stressed that using the Station Street property will require discussions with the Credit Valley Conservation authority about setbacks from nearby wetlands.

He explained the process would involve tearing down the interior administration space, while retaining the current building “shell,” and then constructing an addition for the offices.

“I think it’s a great idea,”?councillor Josie Wintersinger said.

Finnie said if town officials want to use the current building, they will also have to ad­dress mould issues, which have caused problems at the site over the last few years.

He added the town will have to get an expert opinion to decide exactly what is needed at the hall to make it fit for expansion and future use.

The site of the current hall, which was constructed in 1970, was ruled out last year because it no longer meets Building Code requirements for parking and because the property is not large enough to house a brand new building and also allow for parking.

The fire department recommended the Trafalgar Road site as an alternative, but several councillors have expressed con­cerns about that location, including weather, visibility, and the required land purchase.