Crowd gathered to watch silo demolition in Drayton [VIDEO]

(Video by Jen Goertzen)

DRAYTON – Some just wanted to get outside after a long winter without much to do, others were enthralled by the prospect of an explosion and some people wanted to witness a significant change to the local rural landscape.

Whatever the reason, a sizeable crowd gathered on March 24 to watch the demolition of three silos at Flinkert Farms on Wellington Road 8 on the edge of Drayton.


Silo demo – Two families (related to the work crew) had a field trip and picnic at the site to watch the silos come down. Ayanna, Amelia, and Olivia Woods with mom Megan Woods, and Pryce, Riley, Chase, William and Gabe Leask with dad (and crew member) Steven Leask. The kids were excited to be on their first field trip in over a year.
Photos by Jennifer Goertzen

The silos, each measuring 30 by 100 feet, were felled by explosives under the watch of Adam Ghent of The Crushing Aghent, a company located in Wellington North.

Two of the silos took about seven seconds to tumble to the ground, while the third did not initially fall and required a little more effort.

Silos fall at the Flinkert Farms property on Wellington Road 8 on the edge of Drayton.