CRC holds public information meeting on radon gas

The Concerned Residents Coalition (CRC) will hold a public information meeting on radon gas in the home on Jan. 21 at 7pm at the Eden Mills Community Hall, 104 York Street, Eden Mills.

Michael Hoffbauer of Lex Scientific will make a presentation about this gas and how to test for it in a home. Everyone is welcome to attend this free event.

After the presentation, Hoffbauer will have radon testing kits available for purchase for $45 including the test and analysis. This meeting is just in time because a three-month test during the winter months when houses are closed up provides the most accurate reading, organizers state.

Radon is a naturally occurring, colourless and odourless radioactive gas that exists at dangerous levels in five per cent of Ontario homes, causing approximately 13% of lung cancer deaths in the province and killing more people each year than house fires or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Radon gas seeps into basements/ground floors which are not appropriately sealed. Houses can be protected by specific retrofitting steps.

In Wellington County, 11 per cent of homes are above the dangerous level.

While concerns about radon are of general concern, CRC began serious research into radon because the prospect of blasting at the proposed “hidden quarry” south of Rockwood raised two issues:

– basements which are now properly sealed and ventilated could be damaged by blasting, with the potential cracks providing new passageways for radon gas; and

– radon gas currently sequestered in underground water might be released through vibration, adding to the amount of radon gas seeping into basements.

It is important to test homes for radon to have a baseline against which to measure any change following the potential mining operation, officials say.

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