COVID-19 hospitalizations in the WDGPH region have more than doubled in a week

The number of known cases in the region has increased slightly over the same period

WELLINGTON COUNTY – The number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 has more than doubled over the last week in the Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health (WDGPH) region, while overall cases have increased slightly.


As of Feb. 15, there are 159 confirmed active cases in the region, up 10 per cent from 145 two weeks ago.

In Wellington County, there are 26 known active cases as of Feb. 15, down from 29 on Feb. 8.

In Dufferin County there are 27 active cases (up from 22) and in Guelph there are 105 (up from 90).

Health experts have previously stated the actual number of cases circulating in a community is at least five times higher than the confirmed case count due to changes in reporting/testing criteria.

WDGPH COVID-19 case data as of Feb. 15, 2023.



Hospital data on the public health COVID-19 dashboard shows there are 20 people with COVID-19 in hospitals across the region as of Feb. 13.

That is more than double the total from one week ago (nine on Feb. 8).


On Feb. 15 public health considered 26.2% of the local population up to date with vaccination, which it defines as having received a vaccine in the last six months.

It recommends an additional dose for 60.8% of area residents, noting they are eligible for another dose and six months has passed since their previous dose.

That leaves 13% without a dose.

In Wellington County the figures were 26.4, 58.5 and 15.1% respectively.


As of Feb. 15, the WDGPH dashboard shows a total of 198 deaths across the region have been attributed to COVID-19.

That figure is up by one from a week ago.

Wellington County residents account for 62 of the regional COVID-19 deaths (unchanged).

Facility outbreaks

As of Feb. 13, there were active COVID-19 outbreaks at the following facilities:

  • Village of Riverside Glen in Guelph (long-term care home, Nichol and Arthur units), declared Jan. 28; and
  • Dufferin Oaks in Shelburne (long-term care home, third floor), declared Feb. 7.