County sets grants totalling $59,100 for 2009

County coun­cillors provided a number of groups with operating cash for the coming year at their February meeting – after  stream­lining the grant process last year.

The county provides cash for three categories of schol­arships: $200, Grant McLellan award; $500 each for qualified graduating high school stud­ents, for a total $5,000; and $1,000 for a county student attending University of Western Ontario.

The county also provided cash for various agricultural groups that are exempt from ap­plication.

Agricultural soci­eties received $500 each. Those are for Aberfoyle, Arthur, Dray­ton-Mapleton, Erin, Fer­gus, Harriston-Minto, Mount Forest and Palmerston. The Wellington Farm and Home Safety Association, the County Plowmen’s Asso­ciation and the Soil and Crop Improvement Association each received $500, and the county 4-H association got $1,500.

In the community programs category, the Community Re­source Centre, East Wellington Community Services and Food Bank, the Victoria Park Sen­iors Centre, and the Career Education Council each re­ceived $2,000.

The North Wellington Sen­ior Council, the Door Youth Centre in Centre Wellington and Friends of Mill Creek each received $1,000. Another five groups received $500 each, for a total of $17,000 for com­mu­nity programs.

The county also provided $5,900 for community events.

That includes: $400 for the Volunteer Centre of Guelph-Wellington, $2,000 for the Elora Centre for the Arts, $1,500 for the Canadian Conservatory of Music and $2,000 for Sensational Elora.

There were also several “special circumstances” grants worth a total of $23,000.

Those were: $19,500 for the Wellington County Buy Local Buy Fresh map project and  $3,500 for Ad Vox.

The total requested in that category was $41,000, but coun­cillors were tightening the reins.

The county also made trans­fers of cash to other organi­zations including the Guelph-Wellington Busi­ness Enterprise and the MacDonald Stewart Art Centre.