County, region set new highs for daily cases of COVID-19

Province has officially placed WDGPH region in yellow level on new pandemic restrictions framework

WELLINGTON COUNTY – On Nov. 6, Wellington County and the Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health (WDGPH) region set new highs for daily COVID-19 cases.

The same day, the region was moved from green to yellow on the province’s recently unveiled COVID-19 restrictions framework.

There were nine new cases reported in Wellington on Nov. 6 and 22 across the region.

Both are the highest figures recorded since the pandemic began in March, though testing volume has increased significantly since the early days of the pandemic.

In Wellington, active cases doubled on Nov. 6, from 7 to 15, while the regional total rose from 55 to 67 active cases.

Guelph recorded 10 new cases, for a total of 31 active cases, with two hospitalizations.

Dufferin had two new cases and 18 active cases.

“This underscores the fact that COVID-19 is still with us and circulating in our community,” WDGPH spokesperson Danny Williamson told the Advertiser.

“It’s a reminder that we all need to continue to take the steps we know reduce the transmission of the virus.”

He said those steps include wearing masks, restricting close contacts to those you live with, maintaining physical distancing with everyone else, practicing good hand hygiene and downloading the COVID Alert mobile app.

“Pandemic fatigue is real and many of us are feeling it,” said Williamson.

“The reality is that we need to stay vigilant until we have an effective vaccine or treatment”

Earlier in the week, Dr. Nicola Mercer, medical officer of health, suggested the region would be moving from green to yellow on the province’s colour-coded COVID-19 restrictions system.

On Nov. 6 the province officially moved the WDGPH region to the yellow (“protect”) level.

To be considered at the green (or “prevent”) level, a health unit must report fewer than 10 cases per 100,000 people weekly.

As of Nov. 6, WDGPH was reporting a weekly rate of 17.5 cases per 100,000 people.

Under the yellow (“protect”) alert level, bars and restaurants must close by midnight, not serve liquor past 11pm and limit seatings and music volume; while gyms must limit capacity and increase spacing to 3m.

A full list of yellow level restrictions can be found on the government website.

Since the pandemic began, WDGPH has reported 930 cases, including 826 resolved cases and 37 deaths.

Wellington County has had 138 cases, 121 resolved cases and two deaths.

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The new colour-coded COVID-19 framework introduced by the province on Nov. 3 includes five levels:
Green (prevent), Yellow (protect), Orange (restrict), Red (control); and Grey (lockdown – a measure of last and urgent resort).