County plowing match held at Weber farm in Mapleton

Mapleton Twp. – The annual Wellington County Plowing Match was held here this year at the farm of Doug and Sharon Weber.

In Class 1A, the horse class, the top finishers were Cecile W­ells, of Paris; Kathleen Mac­Robbie, Norman Craigie,  and Andrew MacRobbie, all of Mount Forest.

In Class 2, tractors, two furrow open, the top plowers were Shawn Brodhaecker, Cam­bridge; Carson Brown Elmira; Mark Broad­haecker, Ayr; Car­man Weppler, Clifford; and Barry De Teer, Thornton.

In Class 10, tractors, ladies, the top finishers were Hellen Moffat, Drayton, and Heather Darrington, Maryhill.

In Class 11A, antique trac­tors and trail plows, the top plow­ers were Ken O’Brien, Mid­hurst; Dennis Royle, Branch­ton; Richard Augustino, Kil­worthy; Jack Nixon, Hag­ers­ville; Jim Cox, Innerkip; Winston Roberts, Toronto; Robert Dickson, Cookstown; Paul Timbers, Tilford; and How­ard Timbers, Aurora.

In Class 11B, antique trac­tors and mounted plows, the winners were Don Numi­k­hoven, Cambridge, and Les Darrington, Elora;

In Class 12, roll over plows, the top finisher was Bert Berjens, Parkhill.

In the special classes, Nor­man Craigie won the horse class, and Carman Weppler won the tractor class.

There were two contestants for Queen of the Furrow who competed: Paige Burgess, of Har­riston, and Cassandra Chor­noboy, of Rockwood.

Organizers said attendance was down because the pre­vious few weeks had been wet, and many were busy taking off their harvest .

Organizers thanked the Dray­ton United Church women  for providing a roast beef dinner served at Robert and Nad­ine Peel’s.

The awards night and crowning of the Queen of the Furrow will take place at the an­nual Wellington County Plow­man’s Banquet at Knox Presbyterian Church in Elora on Oct. 17 at 7pm.

Tickets are available from any director of the Plowmen’s Association.