County hospitals receive $700,000 for infrastructure improvements

Allocations down from $1.34 million in 2021

WELLINGTON COUNTY – Local hospitals will receive over $700,000 in 2022-23 funding through the province’s Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund (HIRF), which supports local hospitals as they make upgrades, repairs, and maintain their facilities.

North Wellington Health Care, which operates hospitals in Palmerston and Mount Forest, will receive $560,930 through the fund.

Groves Memorial Community Hospital in Centre Wellington will receive $150,000.

Both numbers are down from 2021, when NWHC hospitals received just over $1 million and Groves was allocated $337,000 from the HIRF.

Perth-Wellington MPP Matthew Rae announced in a Nov. 18 press release that hospitals across his riding would receive over $4.3 million in total from the fund. In addition to NWHC facilities, that includes hospitals in Listowel, St. Mary’s and Stratford.

“This funding is essential for our hospitals to continue providing the best care possible in our rural communities,” Rae stated.

“The highest quality care requires the highest quality equipment and facilities. This funding will provide that.”

The HIRF funding comes from a province-wide pool of $175 million announced in September of 2021. 

Over $7.6 million has also been allocated for community health service providers across Ontario through the Community Infrastructure Renewal Fund (CIRF). This funding from the province allows its health care system partners to address urgent infrastructure renewal needs such as upgrades or replacements of roofs, windows, security systems, fire alarms and back-up generators.

Guelph General Hospital, and St. Josephs Health Care will also receive $27,084 and $454,246 respectively from the HIRF. 

The Hope Place Centres and Guelph Community Health Centre will receive $20,788 and $304,868 respectively, through the CIRF,  the release notes.

“Our government is making investments to ensure Ontario hospitals and community health infrastructure continue to be state of the art facilities,” said Deputy Premier and Minister of Health Sylvia Jones.

“This funding will also help build the capacity we need to end hallway healthcare and ensure people continue to receive world class care.”

HIRF was established in 1999 and provides annualized funding to assist hospitals in renewing facilities. 

This includes upgrades, repairs, and maintenance projects. 

Grants through the HIRF supplement hospital needs on a priority basis, allowing hospitals to decide where to invest the money and proceed quickly with projects.