County committee room to be renamed to honour the late Hugh Guthrie

Councillors here are recognizing a local legal icon by renaming one of its committee rooms after Hugh Guthrie.

A recent report to Wellington County councillors by County Chief Administrative Officer Scott Wilson noted that Guthrie passed away this summer. He was the county’s long standing legal counsel.

“In recognition of his community service over the course of his life, the county contributed $25,000 to the new City of Guelph Civic Museum (see attached correspondence.)”

He noted that while Guthrie’s long time legal partner, R. B. Hungerford was honoured with the naming of the Hungerford Room, there is no similar acknowledgment of Guthrie or his forefathers in any county facility.

The report stated “As you may know, four generations of the Guthrie family – starting with Mr. Donald Guthrie in 1864 – have provided legal service to the county. It seems appropriate that the current members of county council – those who knew Mr. Guthrie and worked with him – make the determination on recognition.”

The recommendation stated,  “That in honour of Mr. Hugh Guthrie and his family’s 145 year association with the County of Wellington, the committee room 2A be renamed, the “Guthrie Room.”

Warden Joanne Ross-Zuj said, “We’d be honoured to have that as the new name for committee room 2A.”