County “borrows” portion of town’s parking lot

Councillors here have no issue with Wellington County borrowing part of its parking lot on Mill Street in Ha­rriston during the construction of the county’s housing building at 56 Mill Street and 51 John Street in Harriston.

Correspondence from Jack­ie Osti, purchasing clerk at the county administration centre, indicated the request for use of part of the parking lot behind Caring and Sharing in Harrison for between eight and twelve weeks starting in mid-July.

Osti added, “This request is being made to allow the contractor to set up a small staging area (storage bin) while doing the bathroom renovations at the county’s social housing buildings. Unfortunately due to the location of these buildings we are unable to accommodate enough space to set up a bin.”  The motion passed with almost no discussion.

Afterwards, Mayor David Anderson called it another instance of working with the county.