County announces committee makeup

GUELPH – Wellington County committee appointments for the next two years were announced by the county officials following a meeting of the warden’s advisory committee on Nov. 25.

The advisory committee, which consists of newly-elected Warden Andy Lennox and the chairs of the county’s six standing committees, met following the election of the warden and committee chairs at county council’s inaugural meeting earlier that day.

The administration, finance and human resources committee will consist of: Lennox and councillors Chris White (chair), James Seeley, Earl Campbell and Steve O’Neill.

Economic Development committee: Lennox and councillors Jeff Duncan (chair), Doug Breen, Diane Ballantyne and Matthew Bulmer.

Information, Heritage and Seniors: Lennox and councillors Mary Lloyd (chair), Diane Ballantyne, Breen and Duncan.

Planning and Land Division: Lennox and councillors Seeley (chair), Lloyd, Michael Dehn and Shawn Watters.

Roads: Lennox and councillors Gregg Davidson (Chair), Campbelll Cork, Dehn and Dave Turton.

Social Services: Lennox and councillors Dave Anderson (chair), Bulmer, Cork and Davidson.

Solid Waste Services: Lennox and councillors O’Neill (chair), Anderson, Turton and Watters.