Councillors scoff at provincial water idea

Coun­cillors here are backing away from a proposal that the prov­ince take over municipal water systems.
On March 3, council re­viewed correspondence from the Town of North­eastern Mani­toulin and the Islands, which stated the province should take the next step and assume ownership of the water systems.
Councillor Dan Yake chuck­­­led at the concept.
Councillor Ross Chaulk felt in that situation Wellington North would not need its water department, and said, “I’d love to have [the pro­vince] pay for the whole thing.”
“No … you wouldn’t.” warned Wellington North Works Director Gary Willi­amson.
Mayor Mike Broomhead agreed. “Somehow, I think we’d end up paying for it,” Broomhead said.
The correspondence was accepted only as information.