Councillors pleased Hydro One addressing local power outage concerns

It’s nice when someone listens – and then takes action.
Last year, concerns were raised about the reliability of electrical power in the Puslinch Lake area.
On Feb. 17, councillors here expressed appreciation that Hydro One acknowledged the problem and addressed it.
Councillor Wayne Stokley originally brought up the matter before council and the council correspondence was directed at Stokley.
Stokley said he really appreciated the efforts Hydro One made to follow up on the concerns.
“They acknowledged the probem and they addressed it … and that was good,” Stokley said.
“I was pleased about that.”
In his correspondence to council Hydro One front line manager John MacDonald  provided an update on electricity reliability in the Puslinch Lake area.
He noted Bernice Chan of the IESO (Independent Electricity System Operator) was also in touch with Hydro One regarding the issue.
MacDonald agreed “Outside of any scheduled/storm-related outages, customers in the Puslinch Lake area did experience numerous outages prior to 2015. The primary source of these outages was the 8 kilovolt power line that runs along Highway 33 (Townline Road) which supplies electricity to the area. The common causes of outages on this line were aging infrastructure and vegetation-related issues.”
He stated ensuring a safe and reliable supply of power for homes and businesses across Ontario is Hydro One’s top priority, and crews have been working to improve reliability for customers in the Puslinch Lake area.
MacDonald stated “by mid-2015, Hydro One had addressed several equipment issues through our regular maintenance cycles, which improved reliability. Vegetation management work on the right-of-way is scheduled to begin in March; we expect that this will further improve reliability for customers in the area.”