Councillors agree to consider pay equity report in open session

Next month, residents here may get a glimpse into the true costs of a pay equity case the municipality has been dealing with for the past five years.

On Jan. 10 council passed a motion stating “the complete pay equity decision and posted plan and all integral consultants reports … pertaining to this pay equity decision as well as the [chief administrative officer’s] synopsis be provided for the regular Erin closed council session and that a report be prepared for the Feb. 7 regular scheduled council meeting open session.”

That motion, introduced by councillor Josie Wintersinger and seconded by councillor John Brennan, stated the report would be presented to identify and account for all costs, including legal, consultant and staff time required to address the pay equity matter.

The motion also stated an open session resolution will be prepared for the Feb. 7 council meeting to accept the pay equity decision and its corresponding financial impact on Erin – from the pay equity decision and related costs and financial impacts to bring the matter to a final conclusion.

Mayor Lou Maieron said, “Finally, a report describing in detail, how the incident began, the recommendations made by consultants, staff, to advise council of the day to increase wages and benefits of the position that became part of the pay equity case dispute be presented.”

The motion also called for an explanation regarding the pay equity decision with respect to its factors and five year time span that resulted in additional taxpayer expense.

Without further discussion, the motion carried.