Councillor Wayne Martin is impressed with Minto’s Try-it program

It’s a small program making a big difference in Minto.

At a recent meeting, councillor Wayne Martin said he had been at the recent finale of the Try-it program offered in Minto. He helped with two of the five Sports offered, and this time he had a chance to talk with the parents of some of young people involved.

“It’s something really good happening in Minto and it’s amazing what that program serves.”

He said, it not only offers the opportunity to take part in different Sports, but the opportunity to involve kids who might be too timid or not able to afford to take part.

“I worked with Matt Lubers of the recreation department. He’s out there participating as well. I’d like to acknowledge our recreation department for administrating and participating in the program.”

Martin said that in recalling how the program got started, it might be appropriate for the town to recognize the citizens who came up with  the idea.

“It’s a great thing. Hats off to Minto for doing this,” Martin said as he anticipated this is something other communities will try to emulate.

Deputy-mayor Judy Dirk­sen said the program is an excellent opportunity and it fits well into the active communities strategy Minto uses.

Councillor Barb Burrows noted the In Motion committee she is involved with was instrumental in sponsoring a number of the Try-it programs. She, too, noted the hard work by Lubers and recreation director David Stonley.

She said 90 kids took part in the ball hockey program in Harriston.

Burrows also commented on the indoor walking group in Palmerston, where 59 people were registered, and over 34 sessions had participation of over 1,000.

This week, Palmerston Public School is anticipated to once more to take part in Pause to Play.

In Motion will be supplying some draw prizes for participation, Burrows said.

She said Lubers has been innovative in his ideas getting people motivated to exercise.

One of those was the offering of belly dancing in Har­riston, Clifford and Palmerston.

She said they had expected the traditional 10 or so participants for exercise classes. Instead, she said there were over 20 in each of urban communities.

Lubers is also working on bringing Tai Chi classes as well, she said.