Council urges store owners to wait until Nov. 12 for Christmas displays

Wellington North council is urging local storeowners to hold off on Christmas displays until after Remembrance Day.

A resolution passed at the Oct. 17 council meeting asked businesses to keep Christmas displays down until Nov. 12 “to allow our community to fully show our reverence and respect for all those that we remember on Nov. 11, Remembrance Day.”

Mayor Andy Lennox said he asked for the resolution to be included in the agenda.

“It came out of conversations I had last Remembrance Day with some members of the local Legion,” Lennox explained. “They were concerned that some of the Christmas displays were taking attention away from Remembrance Day.”

“It’s totally appropriate,” said Councillor Steve McCabe.

“Especially (because) the most patriotic village is in our township; it’s the least that we can do.”

The resolution passed unanimously. Councillor Dan Yake was absent.