Council to spend much dough to promote Butter Tart Trail on web

Even though Wellington North is willing to shell out $15,000 to upgrade its website, it looks like another $4,000 may be spent to promote tourism and the Butter Tart Trail on a separate site.

Last week, economic development officer Linda Reader spoke to council about further developments of the trail – and its promotional materials.

In her report, Reader said discussions arose because promotional advertising brochures for township tourism projects will be distributed in May.

She is concerned these material will promote a website, agreed to by council in April last year, yet because of delays, was never brought on line.

“I’m looking for direction, because without the website, promoting the weblink is a waste of money,” she said, adding the revised Butter Tart Trail map is also heading to the printers at the end of the month.

As for what already exists, Reader agreed there is a tourism section on the municipal website, but, “It’s not really working. It limits our creativity,” she said.

She again said that council had agreed to fund $2,500 for a Butter Tart Trail website. Now, she said, things have come full circle.

But now, the request is for $4,000 to have a website which not only promotes the trail, but other tourism attractions and events in Wellington North.

She noted the $4,000 is already earmarked within the EDC budget.

Councillor Ross Chaulk questioned if it is really vital the website has to be up and running now, instead of later in the year.

Reader said her point is the matter was discussed and approved last year.

When asked by councillor Dan Yake when that approval came, Reader said it was part of the EDC minutes in council’s agenda package, which was subsequently adopted by council.

The intent is to use one com­pany to design the website and another to implement it.

Yake said council did not want to hold up the process,  but it does want to make sure the job is done right.

He agreed there have been issues with the municipal site, “but we want to make sure it is done right, and professionally – whether it is about the Butter Tart Trail or providing councillor Chaulk’s home phone number.”