Council takes no action on request to silence whistles

Puslinch councillors are rejecting a request by residents to silence train whistles in the Victoria Road area.

The matter came up Dec. 7 as roads superintendent Don Creed alluded to an email sent to councillors on the matter.

“It’s pretty self-explanatory,” Creed said.

A copy of the email was not available for the public.

On Dec. 8, Puslinch Mayor Dennis Lever said there were two documents that outline the process required for the whistles to be stopped.

“Essentially we would have to go out and hire a consultant to do an analysis of the crossing.”

That document would be taken to CP [Canadian Pacific Railway], and they would proceed to the Ministry of Transportation.

“Council decided we were not going to proceed.”

Lever explained, “Basically, it would have ended up in the installation of gates. And, they would only stop blowing the whistle at that crossing. If any of the other safety conditions arose, the whistle would still continue to be  blown – so we really were not going to gain much for the expense.”

He added that at the end of the meeting, council did pass a resolution that it would not proceed on the request.