Council passes bylaw to regulate waterworks in urban areas

Even though the town has passed a bylaw to regulate waterworks in urban areas, it does not include a portion of the original bylaw that includes mandatory hookups.

The bylaw covers distribution, use and establishment of municipal water in urban areas of Erin.

Clerk Kathryn Ironmonger said the bylaw is the one in which council removed sections regarding mandatory water hookups. That will be dealt with separately.

A meeting for council to discuss the mandatory hookups is set for Oct. 25 at 7:30pm at the Hillsburgh Community Centre.

The purpose of the meeting is to give council an opportunity to review public comments. Council will not receive delegations at that meeting.  Attendees can observe only. Council will not be making any decisions at that meeting.

People can appear as delegations at a subsequent council meetings.

The section to be considered on Oct. 25 states:

3.  Application of Municipal Water Works.          

3.1 All properties requiring a potable water service within the urban areas of the villages of Hillsburgh and Erin shall only be serviced with municipal water works; where no municipal water works is available adjacent to the property, a private well shall be permitted.

3.2 Where municipal water service is provided adjacent to a municipal water main, as a condition of approval of development the owner shall be required to connect to the municipal service, and cease of use of any existing well on the property; the well shall be decommissioned to the satisfaction of the Town of Erin Water Department.

Erin councillors passed the first part of the water bylaw which does not include Section 3.