Mapleton council hears request to end proof-of-vaccination requirement for facilities

Township has no say over provincially-imposed vaccination passports

MAPLETON – A request for the township to end proof of COVID-19 vaccination requirements for entry to municipal facilities fell on deaf ears at the Nov. 10 Mapleton council meeting.

Alma-area resident Joyce Sloat appeared before council at the meeting to make the request and ask council to answer several other questions related to the mandate.

“My immune system and wellbeing is my responsibility alone. For me, the mandate of vaccine passports … is assault,” Sloat stated.

She asked council to respond in writing to a series of questions and post responses on the township’s website.

Among the questions were several about the vaccines themselves, over which Mapleton has no authority whatsoever, and two about why the township mandated vaccine passports (it didn’t, the province did).

In addition to posting the questions and council responses, Sloat requested the township post a written copy of her presentation and a list of more than 35 documents and website links to related reference material.

“It is insidious that unvaccinated people are being targeted when vaccinated people are also points of infection,” Sloat told council.

Numerous studies and data show fully vaccinated people are less likely than unvaccinated persons to acquire COVID-19 and infections in fully-vaccinated people are associated with less severe clinical outcomes. Studies also show vaccinated people are less likely to transmit the virus.

Sloat also expressed concern for the impact of proof of vaccination requirements on local children.

“They need to be in school to play with friends and participate social activities at local arenas and in township facilities,” she said.

Prior to inviting questions from council members, Mayor Gregg Davidson cautioned councillors “not to offer an opinion or enter into any debate” with the delegate.

No questions were asked by council members.

A motion to receive the delegate’s presentation as information was defeated in a 3-2 vote, which was recorded at the request of councillor Michael Martin.

Councillors Marlene Ottens and Dennis Craven voted in favour of receiving the presentation as information, while Davidson, Martin and councillor Paul Douglas were opposed.

The provincially-imposed proof of vaccination requirement for entry into certain facilities has been in place since Sept. 22.

On Oct. 21, the province announced it is aiming to lift all remaining public health measures, including proof of vaccination and mask requirements indoors, by the end of March.