Council disbands fundraising committee

Wellington North council is hoping to revitalize a public fundraising committee to raise money for the Sports complex in Mount Forest, while on Monday evening, it decided to disband a fundraising committee for the Arthur pool.

The issue was brought to council from its finance committee which recommended both committees be disbanded.

Councillor Dan Yake said the Sports complex fundraising committee was initially set up when plans were in the works to build the facility. 

Its goal was to raise $1 million toward the cost.

“That committee was committed to raising a million; they came up short.” Yake said. “I’d like to know what the final number was.”

He was also involved in fundraising efforts selling seats at the complex in Mount Forest for $500 each.

Most recently three seats sold as Christmas gifts, he said. Others have been sold to businesses and families.

Yake said he thought the committee had raised $500,000, but  Mayor Ray Tout thought it had raised about $780,000.

“From the finance committee we’ve had an indication the Arthur pool committee has disbanded itself and the Mount Forest committee is down to one,” Tout said.

He has been critical of the way fundraising efforts have been  done for both facilities with public fundraising coming after the buildings were near completion.

“Let’s not put the cart before the horse; let’s fundraise first and build second,” he suggested.

However the mayor was hopeful the Sports complex committee could be resurrected and continue its efforts.

“I think we should continue on with it,” the mayor said of public fundraising efforts.

Yake said he does not know why the Mount Forest committee is no  longer around.

“The fundraising committee was working quite hard and quite well then something happened,” he sad.

Councillor Andy Lennox suggested efforts should be made to resurrect that committee.