Council decides to go with pitched roof on Drayton arena

Pub­lic Works Director Larry Lynch hinted recently the move to a pitched roof for the PMD arena expansion could mean delaying the project perhaps until No­vem­ber.

Lynch told council on May 27 that Tacoma engineers are “in a holding pattern,” waiting for council to make a recommendation on the roof type.

Tacoma had previously presented drawings for a “flat” (two degree grade) concrete slab roof, but Mapleton councillors agreed a pitched roof similar to the current arena roof is the preferred design.

But Mayor John Green wondered about the delay.

“I still haven’t seen an arena drawing,” Green said, re­ferring to the pitched roof de­sign. Lynch again said Tacoma is awaiting a decision from council.

Councillor Bruce Whale said council better make it clear to Tacoma that it prefers a pitched roof.

Lynch told council Tacoma engineers have said they would move immediately on drawings and tender documents, but a pitched roof means using steel trusses, which could delay the project until November.

Regardless of that, council unanimously passed a resolution re­questing that Tacoma proceed with the drawings and tender for a pitched roof design similar to the existing roof slope.

The PMD arena has been a focal point in the community since it was jointly built by the three municipalities, Peel and Maryborough Townships, and Drayton, which now comprise Mapleton.

The expansion project will add five new large dressing­rooms and some storage capacity.