Council agrees to county committee – in principle

Councillors here now approve in principle a proposal for a Wellington County economic development and tourism committee – subject to the development of more definite terms of reference that would be mutually beneficial to Wellington North and the other Wellington County municipalities.

Mayor Mike Broomhead said, “It’s a little bit different than what they were asking for.”

He explained the alteration came at the recommendation of Wellington North’s economic development committee.

Councillor Dan Yake asked about the discussion of the tourism section.

He noted the report to council stated the “economic development committee feels that such a committee may be of greater benefit for tourism devel­opment initially.”

He asked if that was a comment of the committee – or part of the motion.

Yake said during the discussion there were concerns with the economic portion of the plan but tourism could benefit.

Broomhead said when the motion is sent along, that comment could be added.

“That was the general feeling of the discussion,” Broom­head agreed.