Cooking club hears about catering skills

The 4-H Catering Club is off to a great start.

On March 16, our second meeting was held at Stone United Church.

The executive members are Amber Mc Clean, president; Brittney Thomson, vice-presi­dent; Danielle Nyman, secre­tary; and Bryce Grisdale is press reporter.

We had a guest speaker Lino Pigozzo. He talked about operating a catering business. We cooked hot cheese tartlets, sour cream pastry, and pizza dip.

The club members enjoyed sampling the appetizers.

Our second meeting was held on April 6 at Stone United Church. We set tables for dif­ferent occasions and then jud­ged the table settings. Envel­ope napkins on our plates dressed up our table settings. We folded napkins to go to the 4-H beef supper in Elora on April 10.

We made and enjoyed blueberry and strawberry top­ping on our ice cream.

We clos­ed both meetings by repeating the 4H pledge. 

Bryce Grisdale, press reporter