Construction strong in Minto

Construction activity continued strong here through October and November.

In October, 13 permits were issued for construction valued at $476,000, compared to 15 permits for buildings worth about $2 million in October 2016.

However, construction activity increased in November, doubling the activity from 2016. There were 16 permits issued in November, resulting in $1.7 million worth of construction. In November 2016 eight permits were issued for construction worth $1.2 million.

To the end of November, 215 permits have been issued this year, for almost $28 million worth of construction. Through the same period in 2016, 193 permits were issued for construction valued at about $17 million.

Chief Building Official Terry Kuipers pointed out the 2017 construction value total is well above the 10-year average of about $17.2 million. “Overall things are looking good,” said Kuipers.

Councillor Dave Turton asked, “Have you got a crystal ball? Is it going to continue, or have we got any more lots for sale?”

Kuipers responded, “We’re almost out of lots.” However, he added, “Construction wise, I think next year is going to be close to the same as this year.”