Conservation officers and boating council want to make boating a sober experience

The Ontario Conservation Officers Association (OCOA) is joining with the Canadian Safe Boating Council (CSBC) to promote “Operation Dry Water.” Alcohol is a factor in nearly 40 per cent of boating incidents – and what many people do not understand is that many factors such as sun, wind, and the rocking motion of the boat can greatly increase the effects of alcohol while on the water, the organizations state.

“Our members, working as Ontario Conservation Officers, spend thousands of hours each year on the water enforcing fishing regulations, while also ensuring the safety of both recreational anglers and boaters in the Province of Ontario,” says OCOA President Joe McCambridge. “While conducting these patrols, it is not uncommon to encounter boaters that have been consuming alcohol. Please leave the alcohol on shore when you head out in your boat for a day of fishing.” advises McCambridge. Instead, get in the habit of wearing your life jacket, enjoy your day on the water – and wait until you get home safely to enjoy an alcoholic beverage.

Ontario is fortunate to have unlimited boating opportunities – Operation Dry Water hopes to raise public awareness and increase public safety by reducing drinking and boating. For more information regarding boating safety, visit the CSBC website at, the OCOA website at, or contact your local Conservation Officer.