Concerns over road use

It seems some truckers are continuing to use the back streets of Arthur as main transportation arteries.

The problem, is the roads were never built to accommodate that type of traffic.

Councillor John Matusinec brought up the issue at a recent Wellington North council session. He said posted signs stating there is to be no truck traffic in residential areas are be­ing ignored.

“I’ve had numerous complaints by residents along Dom­ville Street.”

He said that in original discussions with Public Works Superintendent Gary William­son he first thought things would get back to normal after construction work in the area was completed.

Matusinec said of the back way into town off County Road 109, “They are still using it like crazy. That road is certainly not built to take that kind of traffic.”

Williamson said while the issue can be brought up, “the fact is that signs can be up, but a bylaw is needed – and you have to have an officer there to enforce it.

“It’s no different than a No Parking sign. If you’re not right there, it doesn’t get enforced.”

And, he said, “Signs cost money to put up, and in a lot of cases don’t have any impact on what the end result is.”