Company gets rent break from township

Centre Wellington council has approved a new rental agreement with Valard Construction that gives the power-line building company a break in its costs.

Valard is building the new 500 kilovolt Bruce-to-Milton power line for Hydro One that runs near Fergus, and it had asked to lease about seven acres of land from the township on Gregson Court at the northeast end of Fergus.

The original agreement was $4,350 in rent per month, a $35,000 service connection fee, and the township would hold a site restoration fee of $40,000 for the duration of the camp. Nearly 50 workers are expected to be moving in to the camp by the end of August.

Council amended the agreement Monday at its committee of the whole meeting after learning the company will not be needing the full seven acres of land at the site, but only 2.9.

The new agreement states Centre Wellington will be paid for at least 18 months, with four months of rent at $4,350, and then $3,350 per month for the remaining 14 months.

The Bruce to Milton line is the largest expansion to Ontario’s transmission system in 20 years. It will run 180 kilometres and pass through Wellington North and Erin.

The company already  houses some of its workers in Hanover, and it received permission last year from Centre Wellington council to have a camp for its workers in the industrial zone at the northeast section of Fergus, at Gregson Court, just off of the north end of Gartshore Street.

Gravel for the site has now been spread before the housing is moved on site. The housing project will consists of lodging, a cookery, office, mechanical shop, parking, equipment storage, and a fuel depot. 

The camp will be self-contained and have showers and a recreation area.