Committee starts fund drive to honour Beattys

Centre Well­ing­ton council was handed a bro­chure Monday night that Heri­tage Centre Wellington hopes will help raise it funds to hon­our the Beatty Bros. family.

That family operated in Fer­gus and was an internationally known company for several generations. Councillor Fred Morris said it is hoped that Perrin Beatty, a descendant of the founders of the company, will be able to help with the sod turning at the BT Corner pro­­ject  the July 1 weekend.

That is the weekend for Home­coming, to celebrate Fer­gus’ 175th anniversary.

“Heritage Centre Welling­ton is anxious to move on this,” Morris said.

Earlier this year, council gave that committee permis­sion to build a parkette at the intersection of Queen and Bridge Streets, called BT (Beatty) Corners.

Preliminary plans include a memory wall, gardens, and paths. The work is scheduled to be completed in 2009.

The cost of the project is $47,875. That includes the pav­ing, the wall, a sign, boulders, benches, trees and shrubs as well as groundcover, sculpture and design and documentation fees.

Morris told council that the committee will need “a buy in” from local groups, and if indi­viduals want to make a dona­tion, there is a tax receipt avail­able.

He said he is hoping for support in 2009 from the Fer­gus BIA, and also expects to get some labour from the Pub­lic Works Department.

Council approved the plan.

Councillor Bob Foster stat­ed he had earlier declared a conflict of interest and so he abstained from voting.