CMHA launches new COVID-19 mental wellness campaign

WELLINGTON COUNTY – Mental health professionals say mental wellness is imperative to staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To that end, the Canadian Mental Health Association of Waterloo Wellington (CMHAWW) has created the “Taking Care of Your Whole Self During COVID-19” campaign.

Officials say it serves a great complement to public health strategies and protocols, focusing on three key guidelines:

  • self care;
  • stay connected to your social networks; and
  • reach out for help.

“We know that the ongoing pandemic is taking its toll on the mental health of people everywhere,” stated CMHAWW executive director Helen Fishburn in an Oct. 23 press release.

“Building on the success of the public health messaging about how to stay safe and flatten the curve, we have created some clear messaging about how to stay mentally well.

“We are hoping that this will also help flatten the mental health curve. As we prepare for some tough months ahead, please use this one page visual to physically and mentally take care of yourself – you are well worth it.”

Everyone needs to practice self care on a daily basis, officials say, recommending people create a self-care plan or routine when they’re not feeling overwhelmed so it is there when needed.

“During this time of physical distancing, it’s especially important to stay connected to the people in your life through texting, phone and video calls,” states the press release.

“We all need contact with other people. Connections promote wellness.

“Human connection is essential for good health, especially when life presents situations that can cause increased anxiety.”

Anyone struggling with anxiety, loneliness or grief can reach out for help by contacting Here 24/7 at 1-844-HERE-247 (437-3247).