Clifford horticultural society hosts spring flower show

President Vic Palmer welcomed over 40 people to the Clifford and District Horticultural Society spring flower show on May 23 at the community hall in Clifford.

Barb Harris introduced Joanna Steckle from Steckle’s Produce east of Harriston. The business offers a wide variety of plants in the red, black, white, and gold colours of the 150th Community Anniversary and 2017 Clifford Homecoming.

Harris also announced that 21 adults had entered 230 exhibits in the show.

Prize winners

Ethel Weber and Marion Derbecker both won prizes from Wayne Pfeffer for earning most points in tulips, narcissus, and spring flowers.

Jean Yenssen won a gift from Esther Hallman for the most points for potted plants. Jean Yenssen also won a gift from Paul Judge for most points in designs. The Men Only section was won by Bruce Kaufman for his wood working.

Frances Newman donated a prize for most points in photography won by Barb Harris. The Executive Special ‘Dead and Alive’ was won by Ethel Weber first, and Jean Yenssen second. The judge chose Bruce Kaufman’s display of wood working as Best in Show.

Velma Binkley, Eleanor Litt, Helen Braun-Kreller, Barb Harris, Irene Judge, Christina Herman, Rose Harris, Isabel Senek, Elaine Young, Sharon Kaufman, Elsie Grummett, Rita Measures, Ethel Weber, Georgie Hutchison, Bruce Kreller and Alice Smith won draw prizes.

A luncheon of fruit bread and cheese was prepared by Arthena Underwood, Christina Herman, Jude Ide, and Esther Hallman.

The summer flower show on Aug. 22 will feature Murray Garrett.