Clarification needed on minute amendments

If minutes are being amended, councillor Barb Tocher believes there should be a reference to what those amendments are.

The topic came up in the Sept. 20 council session as the minutes of a previous meeting were under review.

“It is more a question on the minutes,” Tocher began.

“I don’t often get the opportunity to read the minutes of a meeting I have not attended. It’s funny how you read them differently when you haven’t attended the meeting.”

She said two items where amendments were made to minutes of meetings prior to that one, “but the amendments are not noted in these minutes, so I have no idea what those amendments were.”

Mayor Lou Maieron said he understood Tocher’s point.

Tocher suggested something be noted within the minutes to identify what the amendments are.

She added she realizes the original minutes are amended, “but if you haven’t been to the meeting, you don’t know what it is.”