City utility sets up its campaign for proposed Horizon merger

Guelph Hydro Electric Systems Inc (GHESI) has introduced a public infor­mation campaign designed to help the community understand more about its proposed merger with Horizon Utilities Corpora­tion, of Hamilton and St. Catharines.

The company will launch a component of its website, head­ed Future, Opportunity, Change. The site contains facts about the proposed merger, reviews the pros and cons associated with it, answers some commonly asked ques­tions and provides a range of links with more information to help the public understand the issues.

The site can be accessed at or, and will be brought up to date regularly. The company has also introduced a phone line that the community can call with questions.

The number is 519-837-4727 and it will be cleared daily with calls re­turn­ed within 48 hours.

Those wishing to email questions or comments may use the e-mail address set up for that purpose at  merger­ Again, re­sponses will be provided with­in 48 hours.

Guelph Hydro is also planning a number of pres­entations and meetings over the next few weeks.

The company will also be present to answer questions, if needed, at the July 14 public meeting planned by the city of Guelph at which BDR, of Tor­onto (,  will present an overview of mergers in the utility sector. As well, utility representatives will speak at the July 21 meeting of Guelph city council at which public delegations on the mer­ger issue can be heard.

On June 19, GHESI hosted three public information sess­ions including one in associ­ation with the Guelph Chamber of Commerce. About 65 people attended the three sessions.