Chong blasts deal allowing separatists to share power

A deal with Quebec separatists will hurt not only Canada but also the Lib­eral Party said Wellington Hal­ton Hills Conservative MP Mike Chong in an inter­view on Tuesday night.

“In my view, its a very dangerous thing for Canada and one reason why I believe that the government should remain in position,” Chong said.

The Liberal, NDP, and Bloc Quebecois parties were offer­ing them­selves as an alternative to the Conservative gov­ern­ment elec­t­ed only weeks ago. Chong has always oppos­ed deals with the BQ, and even resigned his cabinet seat over such a deal.

“Yes, they have,” Chong said when asked if the three part­ies have jumped the gun by writing to Governor-General Michaëlle Jean and asking her for permission to form a government. Normally, that re­quest would come only after the government is defeated in the House of Commons.

“This is in anticipation of the defeat of our government,” Chong said.

He said facing a worldwide recession is no time to play poli­tical games, and, “It’s in­cum­bent on all the parties in the house, especially the fede­ral parties, to work together.”

Chong admitted not all the games came from the oppo­sition, and that the Conser­vatives have realized it was a mistake to make proposals like cutting political party funding in their economic statement the previous week. He noted the government has apologized and withdrawn that pro­posal.

But, he said, his biggest fear is that in the Liberal and NDP rush to power, they will “give access to the levers of govern­ment” to the Bloc Quebecois, whose purpose is to break up Canada. “It think that’s a very dangerous thing.”

He added he was surprised Liberal Leader Stephane Dion would enter into a co­alition with the separatist party, even though Dion, whose party received its lowest percentage vote total ever in the last elec­tion, was on his way out, having resigned as leader after his poor election results.

Such a coalition, Chong said, “is not only dangerous to Canada’s interests, but I believe it is damaging to the Liberal Party’s interests. It’s uncon­scionable that one of the two main federal parties has entered into a coalition with the separa­tists. I maintain it will be damaging if they take power.”

Chong said what is hap­pening in the nation’s capital is not a good thing.

“I’m not happy with what’s going on in Ottawa. It’s not the way a First World government should be operating. We need to set aside political games and focus on the business of the nation … Address the concerns Canadians have about their jobs, their pensions, and their savings.”

Chong was not the only loc­al politician who commented on the coalition’s actions. Well­ington Halton Hills MPP Ted Arnott also weighed in on the issue.

“In a time of extreme eco­nomic challenge, all political parties must set aside their partisan self-interest and work together in the public interest,” Arnott said.

“Parliamentary democracy and its fundamental principles must always be upheld,” he added. “The Governor General must be prepared to defend those principles. Today we need leadership and stability in Ottawa – not a shaky coalition that likely won’t last long.

“Having the NDP and sep­aratist Bloc Que­becois dictat­ing the policy agen­da to a ‘lame-duck’ Lib­eral leader is not what we voted for last Oct. 14.”

Dion is stepping down, with a new Liberal leader set to be chosen next summer.