Chong announces support for Hillside Festival

Wellington-Halton Hills MP Michael Chong, announced a $60,000 grant last week for the Hillside Com­munity Festival.

The money will support the 26th year of the four-day sum­mer festival, as well as the third annual Hillside Inside winter festival, taking place next February.

The summer festival will feature more than 50 artists performing in a variety of genres, including folk, pop, indie rock, and spoken word.

There will also be a number of community workshops and unique performances in the aboriginal circle and children’s area. The winter festival will feature 25 artists performing in the same variety of genres as at the summer festival.

“Thanks to the folks at the Hillside Community Festival, this community has access to top-notch musical enter­tain­ment that appeals to people of all ages,” said Chong.

“These festivals have become an exciting tradition for this re­gion, and I am proud that our government recognizes the valuable contribution that Hillside makes to the cultural and economic vitality of the area.”

“The Hillside board, staff, and volunteers were delighted to get the News that the govern­ment of Canada will support our organization’s 2009 sum­mer festival, called the Hillside Festival, and our 2010 winter event, called Hillside Inside,” said Rachel Thompson, Execu­tive Director of the Hillside Community Festival. “This support will help us present a diverse array of Canadian and international talent.”

The government of Canada has provided $60,000 through the Arts Presentation Canada program of the Department of Cana­dian Heritage.

This pro­gram gives Canadians increas­ed access to the diversity and richness of Canada’s culture through professional arts festi­vals, presentations of live professional performances, and other artistic experiences.