Chinese delegation visits CVC

A delegation of 25 representatives from the People’s Government of Jiangxi China visited Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) recently to study best practices for protecting natural ecosystems, through management of fresh water aquatic ecosystems and involving the community in stewardship and restoration programs.

 Jiangxi is a province of the People’s Republic of China located in the south part of the country. The delegation consisted of mayors from 11 municipal governments of Jiangxi Province in addition to directors and chief engineers from regional and county Water Authority Bureaus.

While visiting CVC, the delegation met with CAO Rae Horst, other CVC staff and Alan Thompson, Region of Peel Councillor from the Town of Caledon and CVC board member.

CVC is one of 36 conservation authorities in Ontario and the third largest in the province. As a community-based environmental organization, CVC serves its partner communities on a watershed basis.

During the visit, CVC presented information to the delegation about some the key issues facing the Credit River Watershed: climate change, drought and flooding, urban development and habitat loss.

CVC also shared how it copes with these issues through a range of restoration and stewardship programs.

Jiangxi is rich in natural, cultural and environmental resources and has a high level of technological development. Poyang Lake, located in Jiangxi Province, is the largest fresh water lake in China, with a surface area of 3,585 square-kilometres. The lake provides habitat for approximately 500,000 migratory birds and is a popular destination for nesting.

The delegation from Jiangxi was organized by the Sino-Canada Technology Exchange Centre, based in Toronto with an office in Beijing.