Children’s theatre will present The Bleachers this weekend

Can the action in the bleachers be more enter­taining than the game being played on the ice?

At the Whooperdome, that is the case.

When a lifelong friend convinces her to take his place as the “hospitality consultant” for Section 113, Jamie learns the meaning of chaos.

As the bleachers in her section fill up with a col­ourful cast of characters, Jamie realizes that this is not going to be an easy night.

Charged with keeping Section 113 under control, Jamie is faced with a variety of hilarious situations that chal­lenge her composure and culmi­nate in an action-packed climax.

Centre Wellington Child­ren’s Theatre presents The Bleachers (a hockey arena ad­venture)  at Fergus Theatre on the Grand Theatre on  April 3 at 10am, and 1pm, and April 4 at 2 and 7pm.