Children’s safety day focuses on risks around home, farm

WEST MONTROSE – Dennis and Helen Martin of Winterose Farm in West Montrose are hosting the 25th annual Children’s Farm and Home Safety Day on their farm on Saturday June 3.

 The day focuses on creating safety awareness with school age kids. Children will be divided into small groups and tour stations around the farm including fire safety for farm and home, (older kids will learn how to operate a fire extinguisher), bike safety, machinery, and  tractor safety, large and small animal safety.

“If we can protect children from serious injury by taking the time to demonstrate the dangers around the farm and home then it is time well spent,” noted Sharon Grose, Waterloo Rural Women Farm and Home Safety Day committee member.  

“Farm families live where they work, and reminders are a good thing for folks of all ages,” stated  Grose, who is part of a six-member committee that spends hours planning and organizing the one-day event.

“People wonder why we bother to host a farm safety day each spring – we do it for the kids, we want to keep our future farmers safe,” stated Grose.  

“We’re  a committed group of volunteers who feel strongly about educating children about farm and home safety – we have been organizing a farm safety day annual for the past 24 years (skipping a couple of years due to COVID),” she added.

Farmers are currently heading into their busy season and farm kids are exposed to a lot of things at a young age. 

“The media talk about the accidents that happened on area farms, but we don’t hear about the accidents we have prevented by talking to students,” he noted.

 Farm kids live where their family works,  and often are not aware of the many hazards that are on the farm. Farm safety day presenters seek to make children aware of the dangers and hazards found on the farm.

“Children will pay more attention if someone other than their parents remind them of the dangers around the farm.” said Grose “and often it is easier for a kid to remind a parent of a hazard by saying Safety Sam says ‘one seat, no riders,’ rather than telling their parents they can’t ride on their laps on an open tractor. Kids who have attended a WRW Farm Safety Day all recognize Walter Grose who dresses up as a clown to help share the safety messages.

“Kids will go home and share what they have learned with their families. It’s a good reminder for everyone. If we can prevent one accident by hosting a farm safety day,  it is time well spent, ” said Grose.

Register by calling 519-580-5716 or emailing

Organizers are also looking for volunteers for the day.