Chamber of Commerce presentation shows accomplishments

Ron Elliott, a director for the Minto Chamber of Commerce, was at council Nov. 28 presenting an update and video produced for the chamber by summer student Alissa Ruetz.

Elliott was proud of what was accomplished and describ­ed the work as “pretty amazing.”

One of those accomplishments was the creation of the 2007 Minto business directory and a data base that not only lists various businesses, but contacts, products, business hours, number of employees and additional information.

As well, the data indicates which businesses are more likely to advertise their services individually or within a group.

On Nov. 22, the results of the recent business retention and expansion survey were released, along with the action plans to address the issues and concerns.  Elliott was pleased with results, which indicated that about 25% of Minto businesses are looking to hire additional staff within the year and that 75% of Minto businesses are owned by residents in the muni­cipality.

Results of the study have also led to various business seminars being held.

Although survey results considered reasons why businesses would want to be chamber members, Elliott was as interested in the responses of those who chose not to become members. One of those reasons was that the individual did not reside in Minto.

Elliott pointed out there are people outside the municipality interested in joining and he suggested they would be welcome.

Minto economic develop­ment officer Belinda Wick-Graham said this year chamber membership topped 140 – “the highest it’s ever been.”

The video slideshow presentation offered glimpses of life in Minto – “Three towns – one heart.”

Elliott pointed out that the Minto Chamber of Commerce is working to promote the area as the Town of Minto, as a whole. “We are only as strong as our weakest link … therefore we try not to have  any weak links.”